Paid Notice File: Medical Burglary

On Jul. 2, 2012, the office of Thomas Andrews, M.D., Inc. was burglarized around 3:45 a.m. A locked safe in the manager's office containing documents and mail pertaining to office patients was taken. No documents have been recovered.

The locked safe also contained payments made by patients and insurance companies as well as charge slips for patient visits between Jun. 26 and Jun. 28, 2012. No patient records, however, were compromised.

Authorities have stated that they have identified the individuals that committed this burglary and arrests are pending. New security measures are now in place including new office patrols and additional security measures for credit card payments.

This content was paid for by Thomas Andrews M.D., Inc.

Those that made credit card payments that have not been processed should verify and check their credit card statements for any unusual charges and notify the credit card company as well as the number listed below for assistance. If you are a patient and have any questions regarding the event or the information that may have been compromised, please contact the security officer at the following TOLL FREE number 1-855-210-8800 or the office directly at 530-221-7474 ext. 206.