Look back: Superstorm Sandy wreaks havoc

Homes damaged by fire in Breezy Point, Queens, triggered by Hurricane Sandy

Take a look back at the damage caused by Superstorm Sandy.

Secret Santa's $100K gift to Sandy victims

Counting out money

A wealthy Missouri businessman is posing as a "Secret Santa," showering victims of Superstorm Sandy with $100 bills.

Man who helped Sandy victims wins $100K

John Turner lottery winner

A case of good karma in New Jersey, where a man who helped Sandy victims is rewarded in return.

Model sparks outrage with Sandy photoshoot

Model poses in Sandy

A Brazilian model is being ridiculed for using Sandy's destruction as a backdrop for a sexy photoshoot.

Skeleton found under tree uprooted by Sandy

Hurricane Sandy skull

A spooky find on Halloween eve in Connecticut, where a skeleton was discovered under a tree uprooted by Superstorm Sandy.

Sandy's 'Shirtless Horse Man' gains fame

Shirtless horse man

A shirtless jogger wearing a horse head gallops into Internet infamy.

Twitter reactions to Superstorm Sandy

New Twitter logo

Superstorm Sandy caught the attention of plenty of U.S. celebrities, some of whom were caught in the middle of it. Check out what they had to say.