Types of Paint for Masonry

Cement paint and other masonry coatings come in a range of types and, in many cases, a relatively narrow range of colors. Each formulation is designed with specific performance characteristics. Exterior wall paints are available in both water-base and oil-base versions. For many applications, a premium, 100-percent acrylic masonry paint is recommended. If you're painting a poured concrete or block basement wall, you might want a waterproofing paint that resists moisture penetration from the outside. Elastomeric paint is often recommended for masonry walls that have a lot of hairline cracks and porous surfaces. It goes on thick and is highly flexible and does of good job covering pinholes and other imperfections.

The ideal paint for garage floors is epoxy paint (see below). For every other type of surface, your best bet is to talk with knowledgeable staff at a few good paint stores. They can steer you toward the right products for your material and application.