Kitchen Appliances

Like home theaters and audio electronics, adding new kitchen appliances may increase curb appeal by giving your home the extra "wow factor," but it will not increase the home value dollar for dollar unless you've done an entire renovation. (If this is the case, remember to limit spending to 15 percent of your home's total value so that you can recoup most of your remodeling costs when you sell.) Top-of-the-line appliances make the home more desirable, which could lead to a quicker sale, especially if you end up with two or more buyers trying to outbid each other for your home. But the actual monetary value added to a home with updated kitchen appliances is minimal in comparison with the rest of the house necessities that buyers will be looking for, such as modern bathrooms, spacious rooms, natural lighting, etc.

The ultimate key to adding home value is to focus on the things that are important and necessary to buyers. Modern kitchens and bathrooms are much more necessary than a home theater. However, if everything else remains equal, a home with a theater set-up might draw more interest than a home without. The problem is that it's too subjective to spend lots of money on expensive new electronics if you won't get any benefit out of them yourself. It's better to make sure that all of your electrical outlets have been updated to accommodate whatever electronic gear your buyers choose to bring with them, instead of providing them with electronics that they may not want. Added phone lines, internet hook-ups, and data jacks are also a good investment in preparation for selling your home.