Advantages of Hiring a Designer to Plan Your Yard

Hiring a professional landscaper is a good idea because he or she:

  • Will work with the homeowner to create a design that meets esthetic and practical needs.
  • Knows what plants are best for your region and climate conditions.
  • Is familiar with local stones and natural materials for creating patios, retaining walls, decks, planter boxes and other yard and garden elements.
  • Can incorporate permanent, unchangeable elements (such as a favorite tree or Aunt Emily's special bench) into the design.
  • Will provide a fresh perspective.
  • Should be current with new products and innovative ideas.
  • Will either purchase the plants for the homeowner or provide a comprehensive list of plants and materials for the homeowner to use.
  • If the designer is not providing the materials, he or she will direct the homeowner on the number of plants and materials to buy and where and when to purchase them.
  • Can creatively minimize the impact of nuisances such as traffic noise with trees and fences.
  • Will consider impediments the homeowner may overlook such as underground sewer lines, power and gas lines, and telephone lines and cables.