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Northstate ranks low in health, local hospital fights for change

New rankings measuring general health in California counties shows ratings for the Northstate that are mediocre at best.

Baggie of pills found in girl’s candy bag

Not a treat, but a nasty trick found inside a little girl’s Halloween-candy bag.

'Fake an Injury Day' it spreads awareness, fun

Students at Grant Elementary School celebrated Red Ribbon Week a little differently this year.

Business Touts Breakthrough Technology

Migraine stopping glasses, business touts breakthrough technology

If you have migraines, seizures, or a learning disability, Neuchroma Vision Inc. says they can help with a simple pair of eyeglasses.

Cal Water addresses complaints on high water rates

A local water company is speaking out after complaints from folks in Butte County - that their rates are too high.

Breast cancer awareness

Help beat breast cancer

Want to join the fight against breast cancer?

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