Elk Grove, CA (KTXL) -- Two graduates from a California High School are having their diplomas temporarily withheld after they took selfies while walking across the stage during the graduation ceremony.

"They said that the selfie I took was not appreciated, and that I will not receive my diploma," Elk Grove High graduate Jack Budmark said, a day after graduation.

And that's exactly what happened when he tried to pick up his diploma on Wednesday from the high school.

"It kinda pisses me off. All through the year I'd passed all my classes. I earned it," he said.

Fellow graduate Keoni Daniel didn't get his diploma either, for the same reason.

"I had my phone in my hand. I knew I was gonna do it," Daniels said. "I just wanted to be in the middle of the stage when I took the selfie to see everyone (in the background)."

While Budmark's dad understands the district's desire to maintain decorum during the ceremony, he doesn't believe it's an issue.

"He's been a character in school for the past 14 years," dad Tres Johnson said. "It seemed like a non-event to me. In the end, it's kinda silly to hold the diploma."

The district told FOX40 that the boys must show up at the principal's office with their parents, in order to receive their diplomas.