Neighbors inconvenienced, but unaffected by Oroville Dam spillway construction

Neighbors inconvenienced, but...

OROVILLE, Calif. - Neighbors of the Oroville Dam spillway said they hear the construction for the repairs day and night, but all of them are grateful it's happening.

Months after the initial incident, hundreds of trucks can still be seen bringing material into and from the spillway using Oroville Dam Blvd and Canyon Drive in Oroville. But despite the controlled blasts, construction and sirens, the neighbors living on Oroville Dam Boulevard just before the closure at Glen Drive said they aren't bothered.

Frank Moore lives on Oroville Dam Boulevard and said he was home at the time of the siren test last Friday, but he didn't even hear it.

"There was a lot of big trucks, a lot of heavy equipment on the road right here. There was a lot of helicopters at first, like we were talking about, and they were going right over the house and surveilling the whole area," said Moore. "But now it's all peaceful again. I haven't heard any dynamite yet and I didn't even hear the siren go off the other day. So I don't know if that's good or bad."

While other neighbors of Moore's did hear the test siren, they said it wasn't loud enough to bother them and ended quickly.

It's an inconvenience for those who have to hear the construction 24 hours a day, but the many locals KRCR News Channel 7 spoke with Sunday said they just want the spillway fixed.

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