Or to put it the other way around: the smaller the brewery and the closer the brewer is to the brewing process, the more flavorful the beer is likely to be.

Sister Doris proves this maxim.

Mallersdorf operates in splendid isolation, far from brewing hubs like Munich, Bamberg, Hamburg and Berlin.

Measured by volume, scale, efficiency, size of ad budget (zero) or any other metric, the abbey brewery is 100% old school.

Just how far under the radar it operates becomes clear when you realize that Sister Doris brews only 3,000 hectoliters (just under 80,000 gallons) a year.

To say that this is infinitesimal by industry standards is an understatement.

Global giants Coors and Anheuser-Busch/InBev turn out the same amount of beer every eight minutes.

There's a catch though.

Not only is Sister Doris's beer -- luscious as it is -- not exported. It's available only in the nooks and crannies of eastern Bavaria.

Brand Doris

With an iconic brewmaster like Sister Doris and exceptional beers that are loaded with character, Mallersdorf could grow.

The Franciscans, however, are apparently not inclined to expand or leverage the beer's local following into something bigger.

It seems they have no ambitions beyond selling their beer "um den Kirchturm" -- around the proverbial church tower.

This means beer lovers in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and other countries experiencing the craft beer revolution won't be tasting Sister Doris's beer locally anytime soon.

Drinkers need to travel to Germany, but even then, they may not have an easy go of it.

The tourist infrastructure in the immediate area isn't well developed.

The brewery doesn't have a website or its own telephone number.

And, while pilgrimages to the abbey and Marian shrine in the nearby village of Haindling are encouraged, tours of the brewery aren't offered.

Those who do make it to eastern Bavaria and Mallersdorf Abbey can sample Sister Doris's brews at the abbey tap (klosterbraustuberl), run by Renate und Heinz Bauer (Nardinistrasse 1, Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg; +49 772 915470).

The concept of "marketing" would likely fall under its own weight if anybody ever tried to interest the Franciscan sisters of Mallersdorf in it.

Sister Doris carries the brewery on the strength of her reputation, the fiercely loyal following she enjoys and the breakout quality of the beer she brews.

Mallersdorf Abbey has a "brand" and her name is Sister Doris.