Les Baugh: ‘I feel like a blessed man'

Shasta County Supervisor Retains Seat

REDDING, Calif. - Shasta County District 5 Board Member and incumbent Les Baugh is feeling good about the voters choice.

Unofficially, Baugh avoided a runoff in November by getting roughly 55 percent of the vote.

As the pastor of Anderson Community Church, he said he feels both blessed and humbled to have been elected to a third term representing south Shasta County, Shingletown and Millville.

"I serve on a dozen boards at the pleasure of the community, but it's always going to be public safety first," Baugh said. "We need to feel safe in our home, we need to continue to promote the economy and jobs, and we need to keep our finances on track. I will continue to do that."

Les Baugh and his wife Susie form one of Shasta County's power couples. He's a supervisor, and she's and Anderson City Council member.

When asked if there's ever a conflict, Baugh said, "All the time."

"Absolutely. But Anderson's in my district, and I do support the City of Anderson, the community and the people," Baugh said. "But there are always going to be issues that are more important to the county, and we will both represent the entities we serve well."

Their marriage doesn't seem to be suffering; they're celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year.

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