$100,000 Backhoe Stolen From Construction Site

A backhoe was stolen from the City of Anderson Roundabout Project site at Deschutes Road and Interstate-5 over the weekend.

The Eddie Axner Construction Company was hired for the project, and the owner Eddie Axner says this is a major loss for their business.

"It's not fair at all because everyone is working hard to make an honest living and for someone to steal of this nature, it's not right," said Axner.

Eddie Axner says that since they started working on this roundabout project last year, they have been hit by vandals half a dozen times.  However, this backhoe worth an estimated $100,000.00 is the most expensive item that's been stolen.

"It makes you want to sit down here all night long and catch them," said Axner, "I want to see them go to jail.   They need to come and clean up trash or spend time cleaning up doing a good deed."

The company is offering a $5,000.00 reward for any information leading to the return of the equipment. 

Please call Anderson Police if you have any information (530) 378-6600.

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