13-Year-Old Cottonwood Girl Participates in Bull And Gelding Sale

COTTONWOOD,Calif - 13-year-old Scotti Murphy from Cottonwood is participating in this year's 72nd Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale.

Murphy has spent 11 months preparing the Palomino gelding. She wanted to do it after attending the Red Bluff Gelding Sale with her parents four years in a row.

She got online and started looking on Craigslist with her mom. Murphy said that as soon as she saw him , she knew she had found the horse she was looking for.

"He was super sweet , I don't think we could have gotten a better horse to start out with," said Murphy. "He was just super sweet."

She named her gelding "Whatever" , but registered him under "I'm some kind of wonderful."

The four-year-old gelding had a lot of training.

"I took him to the auction yard and I rode him there just to get him used to the cows,"said Murphy.

But something happened in those 11 months. Murphy started to bond with "Whatever", making it hard to let go of him.

"I know It's going to happen," said Murphy. "I know I have to sell him so I knew that he's gotta go but I'm still going cry a lot!"

The geldings go on sale Friday at 5:30pm. A raffle will determine the order in which the geldings are sold.

Murphy said she enjoyed the whole experience and is already looking for another gelding for next year.

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