26 Year Cold Case Reopened

A mysterious cold case murder has been re-opened in the north state.

Two Bay Area men were recently arrested in connection with the murder of 29 year-old Steven Moeller of Capitola. A murder that happened in Shasta County 26 years ago.

Shasta County Sheriff's investigators went to San Lorenzo, where they arrested 46 year-old Richard Mesirow and 56 year-old Charles Perez. Perez was brought back to Shasta County and booked for being connected to the murder, however the department came across new evidence and the two men have been released.

However investigators said the case is far from closed. Perez and Mesirow have been released but the case has not been dismissed.

Old, local newspaper clippings from October to December from 1986 tell the limited story of Steven Moeller.

According to the articles Moeller's decomposed body was found by a hunter near Lakehead on Gilman Road on October 17. He died from a gunshot wound to the head and was found in a shallow grave. An article on November 24 said Moeller was reported missing 12 days after he disappeared and was last seen when he dropped his girlfriend off in Oakland on September 14.

"Homicide is one of the worst drimes that can be committed in society until case is closed or solved. Our office is committed to continue the investigation," said Shasta County Sheriff Investigator Brian Jackson.

The articles said after an extensive investigation Shasta County detectives were able to conclude Moeller was illegally selling drugs, but it was unknown if his death was the result of illegal trafficking.

Right now the Sheriff's Department is releasing very few details about the case.

We'll continue to bring you updates.

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