3 mountain lion sightings at Shasta College

REDDING, Calif. - Three suspected mountain lion sightings were reported on the Shasta College Campus, Friday night, according to campus officials.

Director of Campus Safety, Craig Carmena issued an email to students and faculty which said the 3 sightings all happened with the past 24 hours.

The first sighting happened near the 700 Building, the second was near the Residence Halls, and the third was behind the Athletics Department.

Posters have gone up all around campus, part of an attempt by the school to keep students, staff and visitors in the know.

"Our primary purpose is to make sure that our staff and our students are safe," says Morris Rodgrigue, Vice President of Administrative Services. "And to make sure they are aware there's a mountain lion around and to be careful. I think they need to be cautious and aware, and be aware of their surroundings."

Rodrigue says they're telling everyone to avoid being out at dusk, dawn and at night and to be aware of surroundings while on campus.

They've also increased the number safety officers on campus and are having Redding police make frequent patrols.

Campus officials are also working with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, although there is no active search for the mountain lion.

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