300 lb. Sphere Stolen from Redding Woman's Yard

REDDING, Calif. - Talk about a heavy duty crime. A 300 lb. piece of artwork has been stolen out of a Redding woman's front yard.

It happened early Saturday morning on Parkview Dr. Elin Klaseen said she didn't get a chance to see the suspects' faces or their license plates but she describes the car involved as a muscle car.

The artwork involved was a decorative mosaic sphere. Neighbors on Parkview Drive have similar spheres in front of their yards and they are shocked that someone tried so hard to steal it.

"It's just a shame you can't leave things out I guess anymore, and that was into the ground hard," said Parkview resident Sandy Johnson. "Somebody really had to work at it."

The estimated value of the sphere is around $2,500. Klaseen said she will offer an award for any information.

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