7 ducklings rescued from depths of storm drain

Firefighters, volunteers pull duck family from under street in Redding

7 ducklings rescued from depths of storm drain

REDDING, Calif. - Seven little ducklings were rescued out of a storm drain by Redding Firefighters and a few volunteers Tuesday night.

Redding Fire Engineer Jamie Harvey said when they arrived they could hear the ducklings chirping but it was too dark down the drain to see where they were stuck.

Chad Hawthorne, a volunteer with Shasta Wildlife, was there to help as well. He thought the rescue operation would be easy but the ducklings were stuck down the drain on North Market Street about fifty feet away.

"It didn't really matter how far I had to go because I knew we were going to go get them," Hawthorne shared as he held the seven ducklings Thursday.

After coming up with a plan, Hawthorne dove down the drain about 30 feet to find the ducks.

"It was dirty and it was kind of a creepy tunnel, full of spiders and lots of spider webs but I just kept saying there's ducks at the other end, there's ducks at the other end," Hawthorne said.

According to the firefighters and volunteers, the ducks were down the drain for about two days without food or water. It took three men and two nets to get them to safety.

"We saved them all and then we made sure after we got the little ducklings out the pipe that we didn't leave anyone behind," Harvey shared with confidence.

Hawthorne is currently taking care of the ducklings and hopes to release them into the wild when they eventually get older. For now, they enjoy their daily routine of eating, sleeping and bath time.

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