9-year-old cancer patient home from the hospital for b-day

REDDING, Calif. - A Glenn County girl who is fighting cancer got an early birthday gift.   Taylor Payne was released from the hospital in time to celebrate her 9th birthday at home with her family.

She said the best birthday gift she could get is spending her special day outside the hospital.   "(I was) excited," said Taylor.  "I don't like the hospital at all."

Taylor is battling lymphoma, a form of blood cancer.  In March she was diagnosed with three tumors, on her chest, neck and arm pit.   She immediately began treatment at a Sacramento hospital.  Since then, she has been in and out of the hospital for treatments.  Her mother Chelsa Payne said when you add it all up, Taylor has spent about two-a-half months in the hospital since March.

Chelsa Payne went on Facebook requesting books and birthday cards for Taylor, to cheer her up at the hospital.  KRCR News Channel 7 and others picked up the story, and the outpouring of support has been overwhelming.  Her father Jeff Payne said they've received dozens of cards and gifts for Taylor.

"They're from all over," said Jeff Payne.   "We've got mountains of them at home."

Chelsa said they surprised Taylor when they took her to the post office to pick up some of the packages.  "I told her when we got to the post office that we got her a little P.O. box, and you might have a couple of things," said Chelsa.  "Then they started bringing out box after box after box."

Most of the members of the Payne family have shaved their heads as a show of support for Taylor after she lost her hair during chemotherapy, including mother Chelsa, father Jeff, and 5-year-old brother Jeffery.    Baby Eric is also bald because he's only two months old.  Chelsa said 7-year-old sister Shiloh kept her full head of hair, as a reminder of what they will all look like when Taylor is done with treatment.

Chelsa said it's a treat to have Taylor back home.   "It's huge, her brother and sister get to be with her," said Chelsa.   "They don't like it when she's gone, everything is a  little off when you're missing a child."

Taylor faces two more years of cancer treatment.  Her family says if all goes as planned she can go back to school in January for the first time since her diagnosis in March.  She said her friends in fourth grade are among the things she misses the most during her treatment.

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