9-year-old makes wish, gets dream castle

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Nine-year-old Allie Winn has had her wish come true by having her very own castle.

Winn, of Red Bluff, suffers from centronuclear myopathy. It is a muscle disorder she's had since birth, which left her unable to walk. Because of her disorder, Winn has not been able to go into a playhouse because they aren't wheelchair accessible.

But thankfully, a teacher at Buckeye Elementary School nominated Allie to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Allie was chosen to have her dream come true. She chose to have a princess castle built for her, one that she could easily access.

Allie made the sketch and Make-A-Wish brought the sketch to life.

"My room was pink and black and I liked it that way so I thought maybe my castle could be like that," said Allie.

And now princess Allie can have her own castle and go in it with no trouble.

"It makes me feel like a princess," said Allie. "Usually I can't go in playhouses because of my wheelchair."

Allie and her family said they are very thankful to Make-A-Wish.
"It's really awesome and I loved it so much," Allie said.

"It makes me happy being able to see her go," said her mother, Jenna Winn. "To have something she normally wouldn't have had before, to go into this house, this castle that she designed, handicap accessible that she can take her wheelchair into and just have fun and be free."

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