Exclusive: Shingletown Karaoke Shooting Victim Speaks Out

POSTED: 8:19 AM Feb 01 2012   UPDATED: 12:09 AM Feb 02 2012

William Oller Jr.'s dad is accused of trying to kill him because he was singing karaoke. Oller Jr. had an exclusive interview with KRCR and he says he does not want his dad to be charged.

Oller Jr. couldn't recall which Kenny Chesney song he was trying to duplicate, but deputies say it enraged his father so much, that he shot his son multiple times.

Oller Jr. was grazed by five bullets and tells me one is still in his shoulder.

Despite the near death experience, William says his dad is a loving man, who even coached his singing.

Oller Jr. tell us, "it is totally out of character and the last thing I want to see is my Dad in trouble or prison for something that truly I believe he didn't know what he was doing at the time."

William told us his dad is recovering from two recent strokes and that might have contributed to the shooting.

70-year-old William Oller Sr. was arrested last Thursday in Shingletown.

He pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges on Tuesday.