REDDING, Calif. -

On Monday, the Nuclear Regulatory Committee said Japan's nuclear problems pose little danger to the United States, but despite the reassurances, there's a run on potassium iodide, which are known as anti-radiation pills.

Shasta County Public Health tells KRCR News Channel Seven, at this time there is no danger to radiation effects in California and no need for people to take potassium iodide tablets. Even so, stores in Redding were wiped out over the weekend.

Whitney's Vitamin and Herb Shop on Hilltop Drive does not have potassium iodide, but does sell natural iodine, which is supposed to protect the thyroid gland much like potassium iodide.

Jan Gertner says in the past two days they've received non-stop calls and visitors looking for potassium iodide from people who fear that radiation may spread from Japan to California.

?As soon as we found out people were calling and coming in and emptying our shelves this morning, I called my boss and she told me to go ahead and order a bunch,? says Gertner

Shauna Frank was in the store buying the last of the natural iodine. Frank says her family and friends are stocking up to protect themselves from any radiation that could make its way to the states.

?Definitely heard it?s going to protect our thyroid from radiation and with all the trade winds coming in they could be here in five to seven days,? says Frank.

Greg Compomizzo works at Nutrishop on Hilltop and says they don't even sell potassium iodide, but that's not stopping the calls.

?We?ve received a significant increase in our call volume of calls related to potassium iodide and if we had it or where they could get it,? says Compomizzo.

Robert Charley says he is concerned about what's happening in Japan, but won't be running out to get potassium iodide anytime soon.

?If it puts you at ease go ahead, but it?s not an emergency,? says Charley.

California does have a plan in place to respond to radiological emergencies and does carry a stockpile of emergency supplies like potassium iodine tablets.