Puppies Offered To Family Whose Dogs Were Killed

POSTED: 6:40 AM Mar 19 2012   UPDATED: 12:35 AM Mar 20 2012
REDDING, Calif. -

After Redding Police were forced to kill two dogs Friday night, a Northstate family is now offering two puppies to console the family.

Patricia Daniels said she knows how hard it is to lose a puppy so she wanted to help out, donating two pups.

One is a cha-weenie; that's a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix. The other is a Chihuahua-Pomeranian-Zoolo mix.

Patricia said two girl dogs will be ready next week and there's a boy dog who'll be ready in about a month.

The dogs that were killed were a pregnant chihuahua and an 8 month old boxer.

The incident started about 5:30 p.m. Friday in North Redding when police were searching for 33 year old Danny Tompkins of Redding. He was a fugitive wanted on a $25,000 felony arrest warrant for probation violations.

Tompkins ran to the Motel 6 on Twinview Blvd and knocked on the door of Jennifer Obanion, who was staying at the motel with her fiance.

Police tell us Tompkins was in the room briefly and exited. As officers started to cuff him, Obanion's boxer puppy reportedly "charged" at both officers and Tompkins.

Officers tell us they fatally shot the boxer to prevent it from attacking officers. The pregnant chihuahua was caught in the line of fire and was also killed.

The suspect was eventually arrested.

Redding Police tell us they're always sympathetic when they have to kill a dog, but their priority is to protect the public and fellow officers.

Corporal Shawn McGinnis tell us, "Officers are given lots of different tools at their disposal such as tasers, pepper mace, other types of less lethal weapons to use against dogs. However, when a dog is actively charging an officer, there's often very little time to get to those weapons and some of those weapons are very slow acting and they may not stop the attack like a firearm can."

When an officer kills an animal, the Police Chief reviews it to determine if it was justified.