CHICO, Calif. -

Republican congressional candidate and former state senator Sam Aanestad thinks President Obama was a Muslim, once.

On May 17, a reporter for Chico-based KZFR-FM asked Aanestad about a comment he made at a Tea Party Patriots meeting on April 26. That's when Aanestad said this:

"I was asked, do I think he's a Muslim, and the answer is yes, that is his backround. That is his beginning. Is he a Christian today? There's no way that you or I can tell that. But his backround, his upbringing, his tradition, his holiday observances all come from a Muslim background. Does he practice Islam, the religion of the Muslims? I don't think so. I take him at face value for being a Christian."

President Obama is a Christian.

According to the Associated Press, the president has written that by the time he was born, his father had become an atheist. His father divorced his mother when he was 2, and he rarely saw his father when he was growing up.