A man arrested for using welding torch to break into ATM

A man arrested for using welding torch to break into ATM

CHICO, Calif. - Police have caught the suspect they say tried to break into an ATM at a Chico restaurant early Tuesday morning.

The man and his girlfriend were found at a motel just a few blocks away.

Informants working for the police department told officers the suspect, Scott Rose, 38, and his girlfriend were hiding out at the Matador Motel on the Esplanade.

Rose fled the scene on a bike and was chased down in a nearby neighborhood on Mars Street around 11 a.m. Police said Rose went through people's backyard trying to escape.

Officers surrounded and arrested him and say they found a gun in his possession. Investigators said Rose broke into the Sin of Cortez restaurant and used a welding torch to try to steal money from the ATM inside.

The restaurant gave their surveillance footage to the Chico police and Officer Dave Bailey recognized Rose from another crime and reached out a few sources.

"We saw some other surveillance footage from another commercial burglary that confirmed he was in town at the time," said Chico Police Lieutenant Dave Britt. "We started working to develop of where he might be. We got information that he was at this motel, and then set up the surveillance. This is really good job by Officer Bailey."

Rose's girlfriend, Amanda Roethlin, 25, was also brought into custody on a separate burglary charge.

Both were booked into the Butte County Jail and are facing multiple charges. Chico Police said they will continue the investigation to determine if the suspects were responsible for other crimes in the Chico area.

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