A man speaks out about what he saw on big rig accident

A man speaks out about what he saw on big rig accident

A man speaks out about the fiery fatal crash on the interstate 5 that happened on Sunday afternoon in Tehama County. A car slammed head-on into a big rig. The semi-truck driver is the only one that made it out alive.

Cory Christian said he was on his way home to Redmond Oregon when disaster struck right before his eyes.
" I heard a kaboom and just this massive fireball," said Christian.
Christian said those are the first things he heard and saw just south of the Chard Avenue overpass.
He said he remembers looking up and seeing a silver car fly by going 80 plus miles an hour. Christian said in seconds the driver of that car lost control and lost control onto the other side of the highway.
"The trucker had no chance and you could see that he tried to hit his break ,the car slid right into the left front of the semi and kinda crumbled underneath," said Christian. "It ignited the gas tank which caused a horrific explosion."

" I actually felt it through he glass of our vehicle as we went by and I was just saying oh my gosh oh my gosh!"

In just seconds that car along with the semi were engulfed in towering flames. Christian said the truck driver tried to hit the brakes but it was too late.

"My first thought was the poor truck driver, " said Christian. " That was right out of a Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, that was right out of Hollywood, that was like they were trying to make that explosion that big."
The truck driver was 55-year-old Kevin Winters of Nine Mile Falls, Washington. Winters was taken tothe hospital, he suffered burns to his arms.
The driver of the Chevy Aveo was 33-year-old Jason Baugher of Corning, who was killed in accident.

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