A Paradise teen wins $30,000 dollar scholarship

CHICO, Calif. - On Wednesday, PG&E surprised 19-year-old Christina Taft with a scholarship of $30,000 a year for up to five years.

Taft, who is from Paradise, said she thought when she met with PG&E about the scholarship on Wednesday, she initially thought it was part of the final interview for the scholarship.

When she found out the meeting was actually to announce that she had won the money, she said she was blown away.

"I thought it was an interview and I'm shocked.  I'm stoked! I just can't even believe it right now," Taft said after she found out about the good news.

Taft is one of 10 people in northern and central California who won the scholarship. She was also one of 8,000 people who applied.

"I've never had [that] kind of money like that before and neither has my family," said Taft.

Taft, who is legally blind, said she plans on using the scholarship to pursue a nursing degree at Chico State in the fall.

"This will take care of my family and do really well," said Taft.

PG&E said they think Taft was the perfect candidate for the scholarship.

"Christina was a truly outstanding person who has overcome a lot of personal hardship and has a lot academic success and has a great history of volunteerism," said PG&E Spokesman Paul Moreno.

Taft is also the first person in her family to go to college.

"I'm just really thankful and my family will really like this and the people I help," said Taft.

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