A program shows high school students the college experience

CHICO, Calif. - While most college students at Chico State go home for the summer, the campus is still buzzing with high school students learning the in's and out's of college life.

This is the 48th time that the Upward Bound program has given local high school students a chance to see what the next years of their lives could hold.

 "Our program focused first generation college students and gets them into a four year university," said Terri Brown

The program gives more than 200 high school students from all over the Northstate the chance to see what they can expect once they get to college by living in the dorms, doing community service around Chico, and going to class all day.

"It's a way to step forward to see how college life is even though it's my first time here," said Timmy Yang,

Yang is one of those high school students.  He goes to Lyndhurst High School in Yuba City and will be a sophomore this year.

Yang lost his parents back in 2009 and he says this program is helping him figuring out what he wants do with his life.

"I will go into technology since in the next few years we will gain more technology and I'll be there," said Yang.

Upward Bound says they have a good track record of participants in the program eventually going to college.

"Over 90 percent of our kids get into a four year or junior college," Brown.

"My first two years I was really unfocused as a student but as soon as I came here I got the experience of a college student," said Daniel Cega.

Cega is a sophomore at Chico State says he wouldn't be where he is today without upward bound and it warms his heart to see these students take the same path he did.

"I can see a little bit of myself in them and I hope really hope they can see what's really out there," said Cega.

This program just doesn't run in the summer, they also have tutors who go to 18 high schools all across the Northstate.

















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