A truck crashes into a home

CHICO, Calif. - A truck crashed right into in a Chico home this afternoon after it was broadsided by another truck causing it spin out of control.

Officers say 52-year-old Maria Diaz was in shock after driving her Chevy truck down West 9th Street and crashing into a house with a 100-year-old man sitting on the front porch.  The crash happened between Hazel and Ivy Streets around 3:45 p.m.

Police say 47-year-old Antonio Hernandez was at the stop sign on Ivy Street but failed to yield to oncoming traffic.  That's when he hit Diaz in her truck spinning her out of control and into a house with 100-year-old José Perez sitting on the porch.

Diaz backed into the left side of the home and knocked down a tree stump in the front yard.  Diaz's son rushed over from work the minute he heard about his mother's accident.

"She just said she was holding on to the wheel and saying 'Oh Dear God hopefully I don't die.  She went straight into the house and that's all she felt," said Bruce Diaz.

Investigators say no one was hurt in the accident.  Chico police say that Hernandez is at fault.

As for José Perez, he said that he was glad the truck didn't come in his direction and that he that his house is still standing.

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