Aaron Rodgers' Parents Demonstrate His Famous 'Championship Belt'

CHICO, Calif - The excitement is reaching a fever pitch over Super Bowl 45 and the starring role of Northstate native Aaron Rodgers as the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. His biggest fans, his parents Ed and Darla, live in Chico.

The Rodgers left Chico Wednesday morning to be part of the pre-game festivities in Dallas now through Super Bowl Sunday.

Before departing, the Rodgers talked about their pride in their son's accomplishments and reaching the Super Bowl.

Rodgers has become known for a signature move known as The Championship Belt during touchdown celebrations. After scoring, Rodgers will mimic the motion of putting on a large wrestling championship belt over his hips.

His parents say they like the confidence and fun of The Belt, as it's become known. "I love it, it's a lot of fun, I think it's great," said Ed Rodgers. "I hope he keeps doing it and gets a lot of them this game."

Darla Rodgers said the move is a throwback to Aaron's childhood when he and his two brothers would watch professional wrestling on television. That move made its way onto the practice field with the Packers.

"It started with the scout team in Green Bay, it was to pump them all up and excite them," said Darla Rodgers. "When (my sons) were all little they were all into WWF, they were all wrestlers, so it's kind of cute."

Ed and Darla even offered a few tips on how their son could improve the move.

"Just raise it up and do it a little higher on the stomach," said Ed.

Darla added "I think (Aaron) does it great. I don't like it when he does the little mini move, I like it when he does the bigger move, with confidence and attitude."

Aaron Rodgers' Championship Belt even has its own facebook page, recounting the various times and places Rodgers has pulled out his move. Packers fans are hoping to see a lot of it come Super Bowl Sunday.

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