Accused killer's son testifies against him

Accused killer's son testifies against him

OROVILLE, Calif. - The son of a man accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend to death testified aganist him during his trial Monday.

Olabaku Jones is charged in the death of Abby Tucker in June of 2013. Jones claims tucker had a seizure and fell in the shower in their Oroville home.

The forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy testified the wounds found on Tucker's head didn't match up with the story Jones told police.

Jones' own son testified his father told him he battered his girlfriend.

It was a shocking moment in court when Jones son Olabaku Jones Jr told the jury his dad told him, "I beat the s*** out of Abby."

Jones Jr. told jurors that confession happened the day before police found Tucker naked and unconscious on her bed at their home on Sycamore Avenue. Jones Jr. said he and his girlfriend were visiting his father.

He said he and his father sat down and told him what had happened. Jones Jr. said he got up and went to his room to get some clothes. As he walked through the house he heard Tucker coughing and gasping for air but never saw her.

He did notice the bathroom was torn up and blood all over. He left and went back to his girlfriend's house.

Jones Jr. said his dad called him later that night crying for him to come back but he didn't. He saw his father the next day when police cars surrounded the home.

Dr. Thomas Resk was also called to the stand, he performed the autopsy.

He testified about the severity of the gashes found on Tucker's head saying a ground level fall on a bathtub could not have caused them. He said the wounds are consistent with someone being kicked or stomped.

The prosecution rested their case. The defense will start their case on Thursday. Jones will not take the stand and his attorney said he might only call one witness

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