Air show brings entertainment to thousands

The two-day Redding Air show concluded Sunday after entertaining thousands over the weekend.

The event at the Redding Airport is always well-received, as another large crowd came out to see the aerial gymnastics Sunday put on by the likes of the Royal Canadian Air Forces' Snowbirds and other daredevils.

More than 25,000 people showed up for the show, which first took flight in 1982.

However eyes weren't always focused on the skies, because on the ground were some planes that made history.

One was the B-25 which played a significant role in the end of World War II.

"In 1942 this type of aircraft was on a mission to bomb Tokyo after Pearl Harbor. And that's what it's famous for, the B-25 was used in all theatres of the War, and it was the pinnacle of aviation back in World War II," explained Lynn May with the Disabled American Veterans.

The Redding Police Department and Redding Fire Department also held a fundraiser for victims of the destructive Boles Fire.

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