Alta Mesa Elementary students ensure their campus is trash free

REDDING, Calif. - A third grade class at Alta Mesa Elementary School has taken matters into their own hands. Mrs. Jamie Button's class are known as The Recycling Checkers.

The class is in charge of making sure that their campus remains clean, and trash-free. Also they are in charge of making sure recyclables get recycled.

Students want to remind the community of how important it is to make sure everyone does their part.

"You're just gonna make the world more trashier and dirtier," said third grade student Hayden Butler.

"The earth will just become a big trash can and it will be filled with trash," agreed Rebecca Fogde.

Hayden Butler is an advocate of recycling and said he doesn't understand why people don't pick up after themselves.

"They should start picking up their own mess and throwing their trash away instead of throwing it on the ground and leaving it there," said Butler. "Like teenagers do they always throw their soda bottles on the ground."

The idea started with their teacher Jamie Button who taught them about the importance of taking care of mother nature.

Button said she is surprised that students have taken the task above and beyond.

"Even on the playground they come in and bring things that they found that need to be recycled or thrown away," said Button.

Students have also written speeches to share with other classes to remind them of the importance of reusing, reducing, and recycling.

"If you pick up the trash you're making the world a better place and cleaner," said Butler.

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