Ammunition Leads to Fewer Supplies and Possibly Tighter Police Budgets

REDDING, Calif. - The nation's gun control debate has sparked a race to load up on ammunition in the Northstate and people are buying it so fast that stores are having trouble keeping up.

The price of many bullets has increased from 35 to 50 cents per round, a 42 percent increase.

In spite of the increase, people are snapping up more ammo and some suspect that the higher prices could create another funding crunch for police departments.

Redding Police Department said they may have to eliminate some discretionary training to compensate for the higher cost of bullets.

This means they would eliminate any additional time spent at the gun range that is not required by California Law.

Redding PD insists that it will not change the quality of training and will not decrease the number of officers on patrol.

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