Anderson gets serious about spring cleaning

ANDERSON, Calif. - Earth Day might be over but the Annual April Clean-Up continues in the city of Anderson.

From now through Saturday, April 26 if you live in Anderson you can get rid of your junk and trash for free.

The event will be held at different locations throughout the week. And the citizens of Anderson are  looking forward to the yearly event.

"Every year we look forward to it," said Donna Day.

The event is a collaboration between the Anderson Police Department, The City of Anderson, Anderson Police Patrol, Safeway, Wal-Mart and Gone Free Recycling.

All of them with one goal; to get together  and get rid of trash that can be a problem.

"It's an attractive nuisance to vermin rodents, roaches things like that," said Lt. Rocky Harpham with the Anderson Police Department. "So it keeps the individual houses clean, it also keeps neighbors clean."

The City of Anderson is also targeting neighborhoods that have been known to be problematic.

"We are able to keep our city cleaner, were doing large pickups that people would not regularly be able to haul to the dump," said Day.

"The neighbors get along better if the stuff is removed from their property cause it's not an unsightly mess," said Lt. Harpham.

Friday, April 26 they will be at the Ferry's Pharmacy parking lot.

Saturday is the last day and the event will wrap up at the Shasta District Fairgrounds.

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