Anderson Public Library Sees Increase in Book Borrowers

ANDERSON, Calif. - Curling up with a good book is as popular as ever. At least that's what the Anderson branch of Shasta Public Libraries is saying. The library has been experiencing a substantial increase in borrowers.

Library staff said they saw an increase in book checkouts and a decrease when it comes to people using the internet.

From 2011 to 2012 the number of people borrowing went up eight percent. The library said the number of people stopping by has gone up too. In 2011 they had about 12,225 card holders, that number grew to 12,658 in 2012.

Librarian Christy Windle says it has to do with the economy.

"People can come here and get books for free instead of having to purchase them," said Windle. "When people want books we can put a hold on it for them, sometimes it takes a little while depending how many copies we have."

Anderson's library will continue to get new books in periodically.

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