Animal Group In Redding Ready to Help Find Missing Persons

REDDING,Calif - A group in Redding felt the need to help with missing people by using their own dogs as tracking dogs.

The group started a month ago and doesn't have a name yet but its whole purpose is to help with missing people.

One of the founders, Caren Camara, has experienced having someone close to her go missing. She's been training dogs for the past 28 years and now wants to help people in Tehama and Shasta County.

Camara has partnered with Judy Brown, both of whom have a couple of dogs that they say make a great search team.

"We can be contacted day or night. Our goal is to be out there available to the public," said Camara. "We can get confirmation through law enforcement that we have a missing person or a child so that we are not in their way, but able to give the family any help that we can."

The program is free of charge . For more information on how you can join with your dog or use the group's services, you can click on the "As Seen On" section.

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