Animals released into new habitats at Turtle Bay

REDDING, Calif. - Some of the animals at Turtle Bay Exploration Park have brand new homes.  Thursday morning five animals were relocated to new habitats within the Wildlife Woods area of the park.    

Nashi the raccoon wasted no time getting used to her new digs, digging some holes and sniffing out the new surroundings.

Aerea, the red-tailed hawk spread her wings to soak up the sunshine.  Cricket the barn owl took a little nap in the shade.
Perhaps most interesting, are new roommates, Spike the porcupine, and Sweet Pea the skunk.  They share their new space.

Sharon Clay, the Turtle Bay Curator of Animal Projects said the two get along great, even if they do make a bit of an odd couple.  They matched up the skunk and the porcupine because both of them are defensive animals.  The porcupine lives in the trees, and the skunk on the ground below.

"We've had Sweet Pea for about one year, she's just one year old, she's got the energy of a 1-year-old, just like any animal, cat, dog, or puppy, doesn't matter, the same energy," said Clay.  "Spike the porcupine, however is 11 years old . Think of an 11 year old animal with a new baby.  That's the relationship."

This is the first time Nashi the raccoon has been on public exhibit.  The new habitats are larger and more naturalistic for the animals.  The project was made possible through a donation by the Lutz family.

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