Annual Chico gun show held at fairgrounds

CHICO, Calif. - Gun enthusiasts gathered for a second day in a row Sunday for the Annual Gun Show at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico.

The event again saw healthy crowds all weekend long.

For people who love practicing their second amendment right, it was the place to be.

Of course there were guns of all shapes and sizes - some new and some old - along with ammo and just about every type of accessory you could want.

There were plenty of knives as well and a lot of safety items too.

Vendors there say it wasn't just current gun owners who came, they're seeing a lot of beginners.

"There's a lot of, you know, first time buyers and wondering, "Crime is going up, should I get a gun, should I not?" Things like that," says Blair Snyder of the Chico Rod and Gun Club. "And that's what all of the vendors are trying to do, just to help them. Get them into the right type of guns and things like that."

What's more, one booth was aiming sales of self-defense items like stun guns and pepper spray for women to protect themselves on the streets.

The Annual Gun Show has been a Chico tradition for well over 30 years.

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