Anselmo wants to settle long running battle with Shasta County

REDDING, Calif. - Shingletown area vintner and restaurateur Reverge Anselmo says he wants to settle his long-running legal battle with Shasta County.

On Wednesday Anselmo said he was sorry that both he and Shasta County have each spent more than half-a-million dollars, all because of a $230 dollar permit.

"Maybe at this point it would be good to sit down and discuss it, rather than spending another half-a-million on low-dollar issues. That's my suggestion."

Shasta County gave notice to Anselmo, saying he graded his pasture without the proper permits and environmental clearance.

On Tuesday, the federal court issued a statement siding with Shasta County, not Anselmo.

Anselmo said he's tried to make peace before,  and the lack of reciprocation made him feel terrible, and yearning for justice.

"I told my attorneys it's not important that we win this fight, it's important that we make this fight."

Still, Anselmo says he's more than willing to work out a deal.

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