App provides a way to shop thousands of closets

REDDING, Calif. - A Redding woman has made thousands of dollars through the fashion app Poshmark, turning her love of fashion into a business.

If you ever wanted to ditch your old wardrobe and have a whole new one, Poshmark is making it possible. Thanks to the app, women across the country don't have to have "closet envy" anymore.

It's a free app that you can access on your smartphone or computer, with new and gently used items discounted up to 70 percent. Anyone can create a profile, and just like Tara Bailey of Redding, become a buyer and seller right from their own home.

"Well you get everything at a discounted price and it's really easy I love that I don't have to shop at a bunch of different stores," said Poshmark user Tara Bailey.

The 22-year-old lives for fashion, whether she's keeping up with the latest trends or setting them.

"Styling the outfits when you post them because it gets people to buy, they want to buy the whole outfit because they like how it's put together," said Tara.

Since getting hooked on Poshmark a year ago, Tara has made thousands of dollars cleaning out her closet.

"Sometimes I get so tired from all my clothes from wearing them will just get rid of everything and kind of start over from new," said Tara.

Tara has a pretty big presence on Poshmark, with more than 24,000 followers.

"I have texted some people I have met just through Poshmark and we're like Facebook friends, Instagram friends like all those things," said Tara.

She has one business rule for Poshmark that's helped with her success.

"If I'm not selling anything I shouldn't be buying anything," said Tara.

Poshmark takes 20 percent from every item buyers sell and buyers also pay for the shipping. There are also other apps out there that are similar including Vinted and Threadflip and they are all free.

For more information on Poshmark, visit their website:

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