Arrest Made for Man Exposing Himself in Bidwell Park

CHICO, Calif. - A 24-year-old man from Paradise, Calif. was arrested for indecent exposure this afternoon.

According to the Chico Police Department, there were many reports of a white male exposing himself to female citizens at Bidwell Park last December. In each case, however, the man successfully left the area before officers arrived.

On Jan. 24, the suspect was spotted near Cedar Grove in Bidwell Park exposing himself once again.

This time, a female park ranger from the City of Chico caught him in action as she was jogging on her day off. Before Chico Police Detectives made it to the park, the man was gone.

Ryan McDaniel was later contacted by detectives and interviewed about the incidents. After talking with previous victims, McDaniel became a legitimate suspect in the investigation.

Today, an official arrest warrant was issued for McDaniel. He was booked at the Butte County Jail and charged with six counts of indecent exposure as well as two counts of disorderly conduct.

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