Article in "Mercury News" Cites Shasta County as California Gun Capitol

Residents React to Article Calling Shasta County "Gun Buying Capital"

REDDING, Calif. - An article in the San Jose Mercury News released on Friday describes Shasta County as California's gun-buying capitol.

The article highlights Shasta County's rich gun culture in comparison to the rest of the Golden State.

Patrick Jones, Redding's vice-mayor and manager of the Redding gun shop "Jones' Fort" was quoted in the article.

On a busy Friday afternoon in the shop he said the article doesn't exactly paint the picture he expected.

He said it's difficult for a reporter from the Bay Area to write about an unfamiliar area.

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko was quoted as well. He said for the most part he found the article fair and informative.

On the phone Friday afternoon, reporter Josh Richman with the "Mercury News" said the purpose of the article was to showcase an area that, despite California's strict gun laws, still has high gun sales.

Richman also acknowledged that while he only spent two days in the north state it is a reporter's job to do their best with the time and resources given.

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