Asbestos Concerns CSU Employees

CHICO, Calif. - Some staff members at Chico State believe asbestos may have been responsible for the deaths of two Chico state employees. They're also concerned that recent tests that showed asbestos in Butte Hall may not be reliable.  Butte Hall is one of the oldest buildings on campus (built in 1972).

"There were some concerns that some of the custodial staff who worked in this building had exposure, although this is, of course, unverified," said Jesse Dizaard, an assistant professor at Chico State.

Dizard and others are concerned about ceiling tiles that have been patched over with duct tape. 

But the university said it takes their employees concerns seriously, saying that a recent air-quality report shows the building's ventilation system is safe. 

"We have older buildings on this campus," said Chico State spokesperson Joe Wills. "They all have or have had asbestos, but the asbestos is what we'd say is kind of locked up because it's in a cement base."

"It's not a threat to our employees," he said.

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