Attorney: danger zone has no explosives

Attorney: danger zone has no explosives

The lawyer of the man injured from Thursday's explosion on Chaparral Drive in Redding said the home is safe and there are no explosives inside.

The neighborhood is still considered dangerous and an evacuation order remains in place. Jeffrey Stotter, the lawyer for 63-year-old D Ray East believes there's nothing to fear.

"He says he can clean out that place out in an hour and a half in a sweat suit with a pair of rubber gloves," said Stotter.

East nearly lost his hand in Thursday's explosion, and remains in fair condition at Mercy Medical Center in Redding.

"There are some solvents, liquids and chemicals that can be hazardous but there's no imminent risk of anything exploding and no bombs and he was not making an explosive, he was making rocket fuel," said Stotter.

East's lawyer said it is unclear how the explosion occurred, but knows it was definitely not intentional. Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko declared a local state of emergency, claiming more than 40 pounds of explosives were found inside the home. A notice has been sent to East stating the home could be incinerated or destroyed as early as Sunday.

"He doesn't feel that the situation is as dangerous as they are treating it but again we understand why they have to take a worst case scenario," said Stotter.

Stotter said his client is cooperative with law enforcement and knows the sheriff's department is being cautious for the public's safety. East also feels bad for the trouble he has caused.

"Very apologetic he certainly didn't intend to cause, certainly didn't intend to blow off his hand and didn't intend to cause this inconvenience," said Stotter.

Neighbor Liam O'Connell lives just outside the barricaded area on Chaparral Drive, but may need to evacuate if the home of East is incinerated. He said this whole situation has him on edge.

"Don't know if I get to stay or have to run for my life," said O'Connell.

O'Connell is also a Vietnam War veteran, and said this is unsettling.

"You survive a war to come home to be blown up by your neighbor is ironic," said O'Connell.

Stotter said it is still unclear if a crime has been committed because East hasn't been detained or charged with anything. There is a news conference scheduled Thursday with the sheriff's department.

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