Autistic boy raising awareness through music

Autistic boy raising awareness for disorder through music

REDDING, Calif. - "Hey Chandler" was written and performed by Curtis Hildebrand, a family friend who wants to help Chandler's family raise awareness for autism.

The song is about autism and how Chandler views the world. Autism affects one in 88 children, and boys are five times more likely than girls to to be diagnosed with the disorder. Hildebrand wanted to use the song to give people a deeper understanding of autism.

Chandler's grandma, Carrie Spratt said this song is inspiring just like her autistic grandson, who she believes is often misunderstood.

"I hope this song can speak volumes where plain words sometimes don't reach people," said Spratt.

Spratt said her 6-year-old grandson taught her to look at the world in a completely different way.

"He doesn't have a lot of language but he speaks loudly he has got a lot to say, we're his voice and the song is also his voice," said Spratt.

She is hoping that people can see past Chandler's disorder and recognize his beauty.

"To have love and acceptance towards these kids is big and huge," said Spratt, "he is love, he is the definition of love chandler is."

There is no medical detection or cure for autism, but Spratt is hopeful for the future of autism research.

"It can stop it from coming on to our new babies that would be wonderful," said Spratt.

April is autism awareness month and Chandler and his family will be traveling down to Sacramento for the kickoff event on April 2, 2014. Curtis Hildebrand will also be there performing the song.

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