Baby's Alleged Father Facing Attempted Murder Charges After Attacking Pregnant Woman at Redding River Trail

REDDING, Calif. - Three suspects, including the baby's alleged father, are facing attempted murder charges after attacking a pregnant woman in June.

It happened on the Sacramento River Trail near the Sundial Bridge in Redding.

29 year old Erica Swann claimed she was one of victims in the attack against two women. Officers now say she was involved in the plot to rob 18 year old Nicole Vultaggio, who was 8 months pregnant at the time.

The baby's father, 20 year old Lance Swann has also been arrested. He is an Anderson High School graduate and Erica's cousin.

The third suspect is 20 year old Jeffery Thomas Walton of Ventura. Walton and Lance Swann are both serving in the United States Marine Corps.

We caught up with Vultaggio Friday afternoon to see how she felt about the arrests.  She told us she was going to a community college in the San Diego area while she was dating Lance Swann.

When she found out she was pregnant, he told her he didn't want to keep the baby.
Vultaggio says when she told him she was going to, he told her he didn't want anything to do with them. That's when they decided to go their separate ways and she decided to move back to the Northstate.

It was months before she heard from Lance Swann again. "I expected to never hear from him again, but he told me that his family wanted to be involved and Erica played it off like she wanted to be involved in Edan's life, so I was like you know, I can't take that away from Edan. Obviously, it was in a different way. They wanted to be involved to hurt him, not to actually care about him," she told us.

Vultaggio says the night of the attack, Erica Swann reached out to her and took her to a movie. She told us she thought it was a genuine gesture, but it turns out, Erica Swann was actually assisted in plotting the attack by sending text messages signalling when they were on the trail.

Investigators say Lance Swann and Jeffrey Walton punched her in the face, choked her, kicked her in the stomach and then took off with her purse.

Vultaggio told us she never expected things to turn out this way, but that she is just happy that everything is okay with baby Edan and that the suspects are being held responsible.

Redding Police held a news conference Friday afternoon.

At first, investigators thought the purpose of the attack was to steal her purse. Now they believe Lance Swann's intentions were to hurt Vultaggio and her baby and that the robbery was just "an afterthought."

They revealed that cell phone records confirmed Erica Swann had been texting just seconds before the assault. She was arrested Thursday and is being held at Shasta County Jail and will be arraigned early next week.

Lance Swann and Jeffrey Walton were arrested by Naval Criminal Investigative Services. They will be brought back to Shasta County early next week.

All three suspects are facing charges of attempted murder, conspiracy and robbery.

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