Battered victim describes vicious assault, tense standoff

Battered victim describes vicious assault, tense standoff

COTTONWOOD, Calif. - The stabbing suspect who engaged Shasta County Sheriff's Deputies in a two-hour standoff in Cottonwood is behind bars Thursday. The Shasta County Sheriff's office said 35-year-old Richard Compton attacked a couple at the Alamo Motel & RV Park at 3818 Main Street around 7:30 pm.

Donna and Charles Atmore said they met Compton through a friend. The friend said Compton was her boyfriend and they let him inside the home. Compton got aggressive and a fight broke out.

"He just let me have it with all kinds of brute force, I was down before I knew it and I was done," Charles Atmore said.

Charles and his wife Donna were left with bruises on their face and body.

"[He] came out of the shower naked and he had a towel around him and he was naked," Atmore said.

And when he asked Compton to put some clothes on, Atmore said Compton started to fight. "First he acted like he wanted to kill himself and my wife was trying to get him to calm down," Atmore said.

Atmore said Compton hit him and his wife several times. "I've seen him hitting on her and I tried to get the door open and then telling her to get out and run and she managed to get out and get the door open," said Atmore. "And I was right behind her and he grabbed my shirt and put me down on the ground again."

Shasta County deputies that responded to the scene where there for two hours Compton barricaded himself inside the trailer. Compton was taken into custody and booked at the Shasta County Jail.

The Atmores said they usually are very open to letting strangers inside their home but now will be a little bit more careful.

"We are not saints but there's a lot of people that come around, they love to talk to her, she's a calm spirit. I'm there for everybody. I'll go and help people when I can," Atmore said.

Shasta County deputies said Compton was under the influence of a controlled substance. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism.

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