Bed bug sniffing pooches make a difference

REDDING,Calif. - Drug sniffing K9s are something that we have all heard about, but now there is a new way businesses are using dogs. BIG TIME Pest Control in Redding recently started using dogs to detect bed bugs.

According to BIG TIME Pest Control Field Representative Michael Rybeck the spreading of bed bugs is on the rise, which is why they decided to try out the bed bug sniffing dogs.
Rybeck said bed bugs can live up to 40 feet from someone's bed. And using dogs to detect those sneaky bugs is more effective, about 98 percent for dogs.

"Tearing through a bedroom or something like that might take an hour were about only 30 percent effective," said Rybeck.

Rybeck said one in five Americans will encounter bed bugs, which is why it's important to use these dogs to make sure that the problem does not spread.

"Kinda comes out as a cone, so the dog goes back and forth, back and forth until the scent gets hotter and they ultimately leads them right to that spot," Rybeck said.

The use of the dogs has been working well, many local hotels have partnered up with BIG TIME to prevent the problem from spreading to their guests.

"People are bringing them into the hotels, if we can come through with the dogs on a regular basis and catch it while it's a small problem I think we save that becoming a big infestation and a big problem later down the road," Rybeck said

Rybeck said there are some things you can do to prevent bed bugs:
Inspect the mattress at the hotel you're staying at.
Never put suitcase on bed or floor.
If you can put suitcases in bathtub, bed bugs are less likely to live there.

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