Black-coated dogs often overlooked by adopters

REDDING, Calif. - To give their black-coated animals a better shot at finding a forever home, Haven Humane Society will cut their adoption fees by 75% for Black Friday.

Known as the black dog syndrome or black dog bias, black colored animals are often overlooked for adoption.

"Sometimes black dogs will sit in here a lot longer than other dogs," said Haven Humane CEO Mark Storrey.

This animal shelter phenomenon has many organizations puzzled; right now there are only theories.

"One is that with the dark color and the kennels they bypass them another one is that people are looking for something more colorful," said Storrey.

But it's not just Fido.

"Some of the black cat rescues won't even take black cats, the rescue organizations, because there are so many of them and they are harder to place," said Storrey.

Being one of the largest shelters in the Northstate, Haven Humane is often at capacity. With around 300 animals, they can't afford to have any pets ignored.

Storrey reminds people to not judge the animals by their color, but by their personalities.

"The most important part is to be open-minded, you may come in looking for a Dalmatian and walk out of here with a black and white Chihuahua," said Storrey.

Haven Humane Society will be open Friday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. for their special Black Friday adoption deals. Black coated animals will be 75% off and all other animals will be 50% off. The shelter is located at 7449 Eastside Road in Anderson.



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