Body cam video released in Paradise officer-involved shooting

Body cam video released in Paradise officer-involved shooting

The Butte County District Attorney released new body camera video of the controversial officer-involved shooting in Paradise.

The video paints a picture of the chaotic scene on Thanksgiving.

Originally, just the dash cam video from Officer Patrick Feaster's patrol car was released.

It showed Feaster chase an allegedly drunk Andrew Thomas, through the streets of Paradise on Nov. 26, before he crashed his car.

The crash killed his passenger, Darien Ehorn.

The video then showed Officer Feaster pulling his weapon on Thomas as he got out of the car and then fire it.

The shot hit Thomas in the neck, paralyzing him.

The new video released from the body cameras on Officers Manny Ayala and Officer John Alvies, shines new light on that dark morning.

In what can only be described as gruesome video, Ayala and Alvies work the scene trying to deal with Ehorn, who is gravely injured and dying on the ground and helping Officer Feaster attempt to pull away the window of the car to get Thomas out.

A driving point of the controversy has been the fact that Officer Feaster did not immediately tell other officers he fired his gun.

The body camera video confirms that.

In the video, Thomas can be heard telling officers twice that he has been shot. Both times, he is dismissed, once by Feaster himself. 

In the body camera video, Feaster can be heard speaking to Thomas.

"Get out of the car, sir," Feaster said. "You're not shot, sir. Get out of the car."

Officer Alvies can also be heard talking to Thomas. He tells Thomas to get out of the car. Thomas responds that he has been shot, and Alvies asks, "By who?"

Thomas responds "The cop," to which Alvies said "The cop did not shoot you."

Eleven minutes after the two officers arrived at the scene, EMT's confirmed Thomas had been shot.

Alvies can be heard telling Feaster to secure the scene so he can head back to the Canteena to find who shot Thomas.

That is when Feaster stops Alvies and tells him about the "AD," or accidental discharge.

"I don't think I shot him," Feaster said. "I wasn't even pointing at him, but the gun did go off."

Officer Alvies replies, "Oh my [explicative] God. Are you serious?"

KRCR News Channel 7 asked District Attorney Mike Ramsey why the body camera video was not initially released with the rest of the findings.

Ramsey said they talked about it, but thought it did not add anything.

Ramsey added that Feaster never turned his own body camera on.

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