Burglary suspect found hiding after 3 searches of building

ANDERSON, Calif. - A man was arrested early Monday after Anderson Police said he broke into a pharmacy and was found hiding inside.  Police said it took officers three searches before they located the suspect 25-year-old Robert Beaugrand hiding inside a locked utility closet.

According to a news release, the investigation started just before 2 a.m. Monday at Ferry's Pharmacy in the 2900 block of East Street.  Anderson Police responded to a glass break alarm.  Through the window, police spotted a shattered wall mount scattered across the floor inside the business.  

The business owner arrived and officers checked the inside of the business looking for the suspect.  They noticed a locked glass display  case had been broken and the shelves were empty.  They also noticed a section of the ceiling panel was broken.   After a search of the building, officers did not find anyone inside.

Anderson Fire Department responded, and using a ladder, assisted police in accessing the roof of the building.   Several air conditioning vets on the roof had the screens removed, but again, the search failed to locate a suspect.

Officers then conducted another search of the business.  A Shasta County Sheriff's Office K-9, Hondo, located the suspect hiding inside the small, locked utility closet.  Police said Beaugrand surrendered and was taken into custody without incident.

According to police, Beaugrand was found with property stolen from the business and reportedly admitted to entering the pharmacy to steal medication.

Beaugrand was booked for burglary.

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